QA7 (3)

Quality Area 7: Leadership and service management This quality area focuses on  effective leadership and management of a service. This should involve families and stakeholders to assist services to continue a cycle of planning and review for continuous improvement.

NQS 7 Website Links

Sometimes it is hard to find the information you are looking for. We have provided some links to various websites that link to Quality Area 7.

QA 7 Policies

There are specific policies that are required under the National Quality Framework. If you are having difficulty in writing these or need some assistance in reviewing your policies Because it Matters can assist you as part of our consultancy.

QA 7 Fit and proper persons

It is important to know that all educators and staff must be able to show they are a fit and proper person. This is just one way to assist in services maintaining a child safe environment. The Office of the Children’s Guardian currently provide the working with children check.

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