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The National Quality Framework In Bloom™ framework has been developed by Because it Matters to assist educators in finding information in a more accessible fashion. We visit sites, read through various information and develop formats to place in our flower petals. Each petal will have its own section of information relating to either a quality area, law or regulation.

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QA0 (1)

The BiM Framework for Understanding™ the NQF was developed by the team behind BecauseitMatters.com.au drawing upon over 40 years of high-level training and policy development.

It's primary design was to help Education and Care professionals better apply their insights alongside the new legal requirements that now set the standard in Australian education and care - the National Quality Framework.

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QA1 (5)

Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice

This quality area of the National Quality Standard focuses on ensuring that the educational program and practice is stimulating and engaging and enhances children’s learning and development. In school age care services, the program nurtures the development of life skills and complements children’s experiences, opportunities and relationships at school, at home and in the community (ACECQA Guide to the NQS pg19)

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QA2 (6)

Quality Area 2: Children's Health and Safety

This quality area focuses on children's health, safety and well-being. This occurs through a variety of way some include supervision, having appropriate size groups of children, completing risk assessments, following hygiene policies to name a few.

There are three elements that make up this quality area which link closely to the National Law and National Regulations. Although all quality areas have some links this area relates to policies, risk assessment, infectious diseases and child protection to name a few.

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QA3 (4)

Quality Area 3: Physical environment

This quality area focuses on ensuring the physical environment is safe with suitable experiences and resources whilst promoting children's learning and development. Ensuring there is enough space indoor and outdoors, that furniture and premises are clean and in good repair and that there are enough resources.

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QA4 (3)

Quality Area 4: Staffing arrangements

This quality area focus is on the services having qualified and experience staff. These educators and staff need to show warm, respectful relationships and create safe environments whilst engaging actively with the children.

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QA5 (3)

Quality Area 5: Relationships with children

This quality area has a focus on relationships with children. How we as educators respond, show respect and promote children's sense of security and belonging. Children in this type of environment will explore the environment and engage in the play and learning being offered.

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QA6 (4)

Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

This quality area focuses on collaborative relationships educators should have with families. This is fundamental to achieve quality outcomes for both the children and the community.

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QA7 (3)

Quality Area 7: Leadership and service management

This quality area focuses on  effective leadership and management of a service. This should involve families and stakeholders to assist services to continue a cycle of planning and review for continuous improvement.

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Regulations (4)

The Education and Care sector now have National Regulations to abide by.

The resources provided will include state and national regulations which link to the Children's (Education and Care) National Regulations.Regulations support legislation and provide details on how to operate or work within the law. For services who do not fit under the National Quality Framework in NSW would need to use the Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2004

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Law (2)

For the first time the education and care services have a National Law that is specific to the sector.

The resources provided will link to the law and provide further details regarding it. The National Quality Framework was agreed by the council of Australian Governments and within this is the Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010. There are many other laws that children's services needs to abide by and we will endeavour to provide these.

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2017 Changes to NQF

Read the latest news from ACECQA of the changes that are to occur to the National Quality Framework (NQF). Changes to regulations and standards will occur from this year.

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