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Policy Development

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We tailor policies to meet your services individual procedures. Our policy review and development enable services to meet legislative requirements including linkage of policies to the National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place.

Are you looking for a professional polished policy manual that will cover all legislative requirements and more. We will  contact you personally to discuss your needs and ensure the end product complies with your service needs and abides with legislative procedures. We will embed your service logo and provide a professional format to be proud to display.



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Need something more than just training? Our personalised consultancy service may be what you need.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with an individualised service that includes the following:

  • Audit - Service audit including Staff, Environment, Resources, Work Health and Safety, Health and Hygiene.  Are you needing some help to improve your Quality and Assessment rating? We have assisted many services such as Family Day Care, Preschools, OOSH and Long day Care to improve their quality ratings through what we call our "MOCK AUDIT". We spend a minimum of one full day in your service checking all your policies and procedures as well as other required documentation, we will check for specific equipment (fire equipment, first aid, refrigerator thermometers etc.), we observe all educators/staff for interactions, with each other, children, and families. We question their understandings, of some policies and procedures. We then provide a detailed report that will advise you of what we have observed and sighted, what rating this might receive and with any section that is not exceeding we provide suggested improvements to improve the rating. 
  • Service specific implementation of the National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place- Tailored advice and guidance regarding the practical implementation of the legislative changes occurring in the industry.
  • National Quality Standard documentation and development including spreadsheets detailing how the service meets each quality area and where documentation can be found in a service, tables/formats linking guiding principles quality areas, standards and elements to practice.
  • NQF mapping - we help content and product makers better understand the new National Quality Framework and it's specified application to the varied development paths of younger children. NQF mapping is part of the BiM specialty services where those people looking to produce, publish resources or learning material can better understand the opportunities for their businesses and how to better map their goods and services to the National Quality Standard and it's quality areas.

       Cost: One full day with report and follow up meeting $2800.00

Please contact us today to find out more.


Offsite Training Payment Details

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Payment methods


Our offsite training and consultancy can be paid for using the following methods:

  • Direct Deposit to our bank account: Because It Matters P/LBank Account number: 010 70 90 BSB 302-966
  • PayPal: Please contact us ahead of time if this is your payment preference for further details

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